Address Innovation and Renewal

Artistic point of view, according to the trends in fashion and home textiles; special and different designs, stylish and innovative fashion sense by interpreting the 2016 collection consists of color combinations prepared to offer them to your liking.

Classic or Modern

Anatolia Carpet Weavers impressive from each other, is striking, it beautifies your home. Latest fashion design and all the rooms of your home with unique design translates to impressive venues.

Easy to Clean

Your carpet will not hold stains easily due to the liquid repellency. Even if a trace after the intervention stains, cleans itself in sunlight or ambient lighting when using the stain it does not contain.

Non-slip Foor Property

Non-slip soles feature commonly used in Anatolian Carpet Weavers; creating a special texture on the back surface of the carpet, the carpet is the consolidation of the relationship with the place.

Color and Pattern Selection Carpet

When choosing your carpet, which will greatly affect the atmosphere of your home, you should keep in mind; Wall color, curtains, flooring materials and colors of your furniture,